Meet Info


We invite you and your runners to be part of this year's 59th Annual McQuaid Invitational, the nation's largest high school-sponsored cross-country meet.  National Federation sanction has been requested for the twenty states and two Canadian provinces from which we invite schools. in 2023, the meet drew over 6500 entries from 200+ schools in six states. (Way back in 1965, our first meet had a field of 12 schools and 290 runners.)

The Registration Form will open mid July. Please fill out one registration form per school (for all teams/levels/genders). Please check the Race assignments sheet for 2024 (2023 Reference) to see where your school and others have been placed. For meet info questions and race assignment adjusts, email Meet Director, Todd Stewart - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For account questions/issues, contact Dave - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Updates from 2023 -  

You may run up to ten in a varsity race, with unlimited for Girls A-2 and unlimited in a JV race. A shared race assignments sheet is linked to assist with the process. The Jewelry rule has been removed in New York State.  * The straggler(safety) rule will be in effect for the 1 mile and 2 mile. Entry fee has been updated.

DATE: Sat., September 28 - First race goes off at 9 o'clock sharp

PLACE: A large scenic glen in Genesee Valley Park, on the southern outskirts of Rochester, next to the I-390 Expressway. (Check DIRECTIONS on website. Check out Pellucid Travel, our housing service provider for group discount rates!)

COURSES: Varsity: 3.0 miles. Spikes may be used but are not recommended except in muddy conditions. Great for spectators! Mostly grass; moderately hilly. Runners find it deceptively difficult. (Records Boys: 14:12.7; Girls 16:28.2) Jr. High course: 1.62 miles (Records: Boys 8:27; Girls 9:42).

5 Boys Varsity

5 Girls Varsity
5 J.V. races: 3 for Boys, 2 for Girls
2 Sophomore races (1 boys, 1 girls). For anyone in 10th grade, as well as for 7th-9th graders who have lost jr. high eligibility.
6 Jr. High (Gr. 7-9), 3 each for Boys and Girls . Spikes OK. (Note restrictions below under "Using Runners at Proper Levels")

ORDER OF EVENTS: Small schools run early, then medium and large. Check race SCHEDULE (23 races- revised in 2022)

AWARDS: Over 2700, all custom-made. Check AWARDS.

ENTRY FEES:Varsity $70 per team. Sub-varsity $50 per team. School Maximum $350. Individual or incomplete team $15. per runner. LATE FEE of $25 for all entries after Sunday, Sept. 22nd.

DEADLINES: Observe these three dates:
Registration Form-  MON. SEPT. 16th
Online Race Entries (Runner names) - SUN. SEPT. 22nd AT 3 P.M.
Roster Changes - Finalize your Race Entries by MON. SEPT. 23rd AT 8 A.M - (Entries will be downloaded at that time).

* After this deadline, DO NOT retype a runner into another race as that puts them into the meet database twice. On race day, you are free to adjust your entered rosters, on your own,  within your race assignments.

PARKING - As the University of Rochester has a large event on the same weekend, for now, any buses should enter from River Rd. to drop runners off at the course and be directed from there. We are working with the Parks Dept and the golf course to secure ample parking spaces for schools and spectators. As new information becomes available, this will be updated.

RACE ASSIGNMENTS - Schools will be assigned according to size first. Three divisions for boys: Small (A), Medium (AA), Large (AAA); same three for Girls, along with our Bob Bradley premier races. Cut-off points change from year to year. If you want to compete in a higher division, check with the meet director by 3:00pm on Sun. 9/22.

TO FIND OUT WHAT RACES YOU'RE IN – The seeding meeting will be on Sun., 9/22, so check the shared race assignments sheet before 9/24 to be sure about the races your teams are in. By 3:00pm on Sun., 9/22, all race assignments will have been made. Changes can be requested up until 6:00pm on Mon., 9/23. As we will begin to process entries, no requests for changes will be accepted after that. The assignments will be by race numbers only. The times and descriptions of races are on the web site for reference.

REGISTRATION - Your envelopes will be at the gray building by the finish line. On Saturday, complimentary coffee and donuts/bagels will be available to coaches and drivers at the concessions shelter. Coupons will be in your envelopes. REGISTRATION WILL OPEN AT 7:45 AND CONTINUE THROUGH THE MEET UNTIL 1:30. Coaches wishing to pick up their envelopes on Friday may do so between 2:00 and 6:00pm at the gray building.

STARTING LINE POSITIONS - Drawn at random for each race by computer for complete teams only. Incompletes will fill in at end of line. Exception: individual entries in seeded races will be assigned positions, also at random.

1. Under NY rules, runners in Gr.7-9 are ineligible for Jr. high races once they've competed officially in a Varsity or J.V. race. Run them at sophomore level or higher in this meet.
2. Varsity-caliber Sophs (and 7-9, too) may run in the Soph races. They're usually pretty fast.
3. Regardless of grade, no varsity scorers (top 5) may run in a J.V.  race. No exceptions, for any reason. J.V. races are for your second-line runners. Violations of this rule will result in disqualification on the spot.

INDIVIDUAL ENTRIES - Run them in their proper size division (A, AA, AAA) unless you wish them to move up to a larger (and usually tougher) one.

JEWELRY RULE - New York State has removed this rule.

1. ALL sub-varsity races allow unlimited entries, but only 7 runners figure in scoring.
2. Girls Varsity: Limit of 10, (Unlimited in Girls A-2) but only 7 figure in scoring. Run all others in Girls Soph or Girls J.V.
3. Boys Varsity: Maximum of 10 in all races, but only 7 count in scoring.
4. "Straggler" (safety) Rule: To be determined by the new course layout (pending). We've also added time between races to lessen the chance of runners from one race intersecting with runners from another. Due to the looping nature of the course and our time schedule, this rule could be in effect for all JV, Soph, and Varsity races. Any boys who do not make the 2-mile mark by 16:00 (8:00- 1 mile)  and any girls who don't make it by 18:00 (9:00- 1 mile)  could have their race ended at that point or beyond. Coaches, we count on your discretion in this matter. If you enter runners who might be affected by the straggler rule, we suggest that a coach or parent be at the 1-2-mile mark.

PRACTICING ON THE COURSE - Course lines should be painted by Thursday. If you wish to come to the park that day or Friday, please tell your runners NOT TO RUN ON THE LINES. Some course maps will be left in an envelope attached to the finish bleachers.

SOUVENIRS - Merchandise will be sold on Friday, starting at 2 pm, and Saturday from 7am until sold out. Merchandise includes T-shirts – long and short sleeve, sweatshirts, fleece, wick-aways, pinnies, sweatpants, flannel pants, sling bags and car stickers.

If you have never come to our meet, I think you'll find it well worth the trip. It has something for teams of all sizes and abilities. If you have a conflict this year, plan to come on September 27th in 2025. (Our meet always falls on the 4th Saturday after Labor Day.) Questions? e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.